Who Are You

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There’s no disputing that you are the expert on you, you know yourself better than anyone else, so who are you? Do you have a clear sense of yourself and of how others see you? What drives your behavior, your actions and decisions? Do you know what your strengths are and what triggers your defenses, … Read more

Befriending Your Inner Critic

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Is your inner critic working overtime? Our annual marking of the Earth’s passage around the Sun drives many of us to evaluate where we are in life, set goals, and begin working to achieve them. While this process can be motivating, it can also push our inner critics into overdrive. Whenever you feel inadequate, deficient, … Read more

Love the One You’re With

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As a therapist I’ve sat with many individuals who have developed a deep-rooted belief that they’re not good enough, not lovable, or not worthy. These beliefs are often the result of not getting some basic needs met at a very tender age when we were dependent on our primary caregivers for our survival. Infants and … Read more

Taming Anger

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Anger gets our attention. It can be big, loud, fiery, aggressive, and if unchecked, downright frightening, it’s no surprise then that anger is relegated to a category of unwelcome and unacceptable emotions. Anger’s function is simply to let us know that something needs to change, and it is anger that can give us the strength … Read more

Embodying Sound

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To embody is to recognize how and where cognition is experienced in the body. What physical and emotional sensations do our thoughts bring about, where does the body manifest the experience, and vice versa. In somatic psychotherapy, we work collaboratively with embodied experience to help bring about a greater self-awareness, understanding, and integration of sensations, … Read more

Making Peace With Your Unwelcome Emotions, Part III: Identifying Feelings and Needs

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In parts 1 and 2 we looked at the importance of grounding and bringing awareness to bodily sensations when unwelcome emotions arise. Often we don’t realize the influence even a fleeting incidental emotional state can have on our decisions. When scanning your body with a nonjudgmental observing presence you can perceive body events of emotions … Read more

Making Peace With Your Unwelcome Emotions, Part II: Acknowledging and Accepting

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In Part 1 we explored the wisdom of mindfully sensing into ones body to locate a connection with the Earths support when challenging emotions arise. I encouraged a daily practice and offered a few examples of grounding. What Are Emotions? Your life is enriched by emotions, they add fullness and depth to all you experience. … Read more

Making Peace With Your Unwelcome Emotions, Part I: Grounding

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Welcome to my blog! I’m beginning this journey with a topic that leads many to seek relief: persistent, challenging, or unwelcome emotions. We all experience them at some point, feelings such as irritation, overwhelm, jealousy, dread, anger, rage, shame, and humiliation. These difficult emotions are often signposts pointing to areas of our lives that need … Read more

Client Testimonials

Journeys of Transformation

Insightful Journey


…I am very much able to recognize what I am experiencing before it overtakes my whole being. I also learned some very important characteristics about myself and, more importantly, how they were affecting my relationships. You are thoughtful and were able to challenge my thinking which helped me grow.

Heartfelt Gratitude


Continued Transformation


I think about what I have learned in your sessions all of the time. I have done very well incorporating orienting and grounding in everyday life and feel much more in control and calm…. Our sessions really meant a lot to me, and I continue to practice what I have learned. Thank you for having such a great impact on me!!

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