Erika Shershun, MA, LMFT

What is Somatic Psychotherapy?

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For those who are unfamiliar with the term somatic, its origins can be found in the ancient Greek word soma, meaning body. If you’re seeking therapy for help with uncomfortable or intrusive thoughts and emotions, you might be wondering, “Why the body when my thoughts originate in my brain?” The brain, what we commonly think … Read more

Could This Be PTSD?

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Trauma is the result of overwhelm to your system. It’s about fear, and your ability to cope. There’s no time to think when facing a threat, your primary responses are instinctual. Peter Levine, Ph.D., author of the ground breaking book Waking The Tiger, has spent over 40 years studying stress and trauma. Responsible for many … Read more

Why Therapy Helps

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The act of revealing ourselves fully to another while still being accepted for who we are is one of the most significant aspects of therapeutic healing. It is a corrective emotional experience we can all benefit from at some time in our lives, especially those who have seldom felt seen, understood or accepted. We need … Read more

Emotional Rescue: Part I

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Your life is enriched by emotions, they add fullness and depth to all you experience. They’re your body’s instantaneous response to incoming external and internal messages, information that can inform you, help you to survive, and even thrive. Emotions can also be unreliable, clouding and confusing your perception of what you’re experiencing in the moment … Read more

Why Grounding Matters

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Grounding is the feeling of being physically and energetically connected to Earth. Our bodies are both matter and energy, and even though gravity is always pulling us downward toward the earths surface, we may have lost or never developed a strong energetic connection. When we experience an intense trauma such as an accident, a natural … Read more

Have Heart: Embracing Love, Vulnerability & Strength

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I first realized the physical imprint trauma is capable of leaving on one’s heart years ago while lying on a massage table receiving Reiki. A vivid image appeared in my mind’s eye of my own heart’s radiance struggling to break through the cracks of a dark, opaque outer shell. I knew at once that my … Read more

Client Testimonials

Journeys of Transformation

Insightful Journey


…I am very much able to recognize what I am experiencing before it overtakes my whole being. I also learned some very important characteristics about myself and, more importantly, how they were affecting my relationships. You are thoughtful and were able to challenge my thinking which helped me grow.

Heartfelt Gratitude


Continued Transformation


I think about what I have learned in your sessions all of the time. I have done very well incorporating orienting and grounding in everyday life and feel much more in control and calm…. Our sessions really meant a lot to me, and I continue to practice what I have learned. Thank you for having such a great impact on me!!

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